The show must go on.line

Much more than a digital showroom.
The Buynder is the virtual platform that improves the sales experience and reinforces relationships between companies and buyers, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Key features

Multi-user data base

To enter Buynder, the company has one main profile for the log in. By this profile, the company can assign additional ad-hoc users to both its sales team and buyers.

Import buyer list

L’ azienda può importare ed aggiornare costantemente la lista dei propri buyer suddividendoli per country o per regione.

Collection display

Each company can creates its own personalized showcase by directly importing one or more product catalogs, specifying if these items are already available in stock or if they need to be manufactured ad-hoc. Each linesheet contains specifications about the items such as descriptions, models, colors, materials, sizes, etc. It can be diversified by price and by country.

Made to order

Il sistema di creazione e gestione degli ordini all'interno della piattaforma è diretto e facile da utilizzare. Ogni buyer può:

- effettuare l'ordine sia sullo stock programmato che su quello disponibile

- salvare l'ordine in una wishlist.

Data first

An integrated reporting system allows you to have an analysis of sales data. It analyzes the performances of each individual product while monitoring and tracking who the purchaser is. All the reports can be exported based on product, client, and country. They also may be filtered according to a specific time-frame (by week, month, and year).


The system provides integration with any type of management or CRM. It speeds up the sales workflow, optimizing times of operations by importing contacts and preferences.

Content creation

The Buynder supports agencies in creating ad hoc contents, with static multi-view photos, videos and animated 360° contents and also for worn or technical photos.

Animated 360°

Static photos


Top benefit

Digital upgrade of your sales system.

Time and cost optimization with better efficiency in order management.

Less ecological impact with reduced distances.

More control through reports and data analysis.

Our Price


300 € / month

* € 1500 platform activation cost

3 users


500 € / month

* € 1500 platform activation cost

10 users


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20 users

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